VitalSleep Snoring Mouthpiece Review

Last updated: January 4th, 2018

What Is VitalSleep?

VitalSleep is a snoring mouthpiece that is designed to prevent snoring. VitalSleep uses a boil and bite fitting process in combination with adjustment tools. VitalSleep is a type of Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD).

How Does VitalSleep Work?

VitalSleep works by keeping your lower jaw forward while you sleep. This occurs when you make a custom impression of your teeth into VitalSleep and then adjust it using their tools for the best fit.

How Much Does VitalSleep Cost?

What Comes In The VitalSleep Box?

VitalSleep orders include:

  • One (1) VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpiece
  • Fitting/ care instructions
  • One (1) storage case
  • Fitting/ adjustment tools

vitalsleep box

The above is the package which contains VitalSleep and all of its pieces.

vitalsleep adjustment and fitting tools

The above shows a VitalSleep mouthpiece in its case with fitting adjustment tools.

Who Is VitalSleep For?

VitalSleep is designed for adults that snore. If you have partial dentures and some front teeth on both your upper and lower jaws, then VitalSleep may work for you.

Who Should Not Use VitalSleep?

Do not use VitalSleep if you:

What Is The Return Policy/ Warranty on VitalSleep?

VitalSleep offers a 60-day money back guarantee with a 1-year warranty.

What Makes VitalSleep Unique?

VitalSleep comes in multiple sizes, for men and women. Additionally, VitalSleep has a large opening for improved airflow at night (6mm).

VitalSleep includes custom adjustment tools. You can re-adjust VitalSleep using their tools to get the best fit for you.

What Is VitalSleep Made Of?

VitalSleep is made of flexible FDA approved, medical-grade safe materials. The materials are Elvax and delrin, created by Dupont.

VitalSleep is BPA and laxtex free with no metal components.

How Do You Fit VitalSleep?

You should brush your teeth before fitting VitalSleep

  1. Boil water and remove from heat
  2. Immerse VitalSleep in hot water for 10 seconds
  3. Remove VitalSleep from hot water (make sure it's not too hot for your mouth) and then place it in your mouth
  4. Bite down on mouthpiece and use fingers to mold it to your teeth, do this for about 30 seconds
  5. Once the mouthpiece has be fit to your mouth, put it in cold water for 30 seconds for solidify the impression
  6. Use left and right screws and adjustment tool to move the lower-half of the device forward

adjusting vitalsleep

The above shows how to adjust VitalSleep using the adjustment tools. There are spots on both sides of the device which can be adjusted until the lower jaw is in the best position. It may be needed to slowly adjust the device over a few nights or weeks to prevent discomfort and get the best results.

How Wide Is The VitalSleep Airway?

vitalsleep airway opening measurement

VitalSleep has an airway of 6 millimeters. This is a wide opening that can allow the tip of the tongue to advance forward, resulting in a better result.

How Do You Maintain/ Clean VitalSleep?

cleanWhen not in use, store VitalSleep in the protective case.

You can clean VitalSleep with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also clean it with denture cleaner. You should clean VitalSleep every week or if you notice it having stains or odors.

VitalSleep also has an anti-viral mouthpiece cleaner to clean and disinfect the mouthpiece.

Is VitalSleep FDA Cleared?

Yes, VitalSleep has been FDA cleared for snoring.

Where Is VitalSleep Located?

United States. VitalSleep (The Snore Reliever Company, LLC) is based out of New York, New York

How Long Has VitalSleep Been In Business?

VitalSleep was incorporated in 2009.

Is VitalSleep Accredited By The BBB?

No, VitalSleep has not been accredited by the BBB.

How Does VitalSleep Compare With Other Snoring Mouthpieces?

VitalSleep is unique in that it has a large airway opening, has male and female sizes and uses adjustment tools. The airway opening allows for increased airflow. This results in better sleep and less snoring.

VitalSleep can stop your snoring by holding your lower jaw forward while you sleep. This can help keep the airway open, which reduces snoring.

What Are The Pros and Cons of VitalSleep?


  • The device has a large airway opening
  • The device is available in 2 sizes. One is recommended for women and the other for men
  • You can re-adjust the device using the adjustment tools without re-boiling it


  • The adjustment tools may be difficult for some some people
  • The device only boils for 10 seconds so it is easy to overheat it

VitalSleep Details

Company Name The Snore Reliever Company, LLC
Business Address 347 5th Avenue, Suite 1402-148, New York, NY 10016
Mouthpiece Type Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
FDA Cleared Yes
Total Price $59.95
BBB Status Not accredited

Where Can I Buy VitalSleep RIGHT NOW?

Click here to buy VitalSleep

Overall Review of VitalSleep

VitalSleep offers a way to make a custom impression of your teeth while also allowing you to adjust the position of your lower jaw. The fitting tools may require some trial and error. Since the VitalSleep comes in two sizes, it is much more likely that you can find a fit that works for you.

Review Rating: 4.0