VitalSleep Snoring Mouthpiece Review - Updated 2018

Last updated: May 13th, 2019

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VitalSleep: Can I End My Snoring With This Mouthpiece?

VitalSleep is a snoring mouthpiece that is designed to prevent snoring.

VitalSleep uses a boil and bite fitting process in combination with adjustment tools. VitalSleep is a type of Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) which means that it advances the lower jaw to open the airway using the teeth.

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Ratings/ Pros And Cons

VitalSleep ratings

  • Overall 81%
  • Effectiveness 82%
  • Fitting Process 80%
  • Easy to Clean 86%
  • Comfort 73%
  • Value 85%

Pros and cons of VitalSleep

How It Works

How does VitalSleep work?

Most snoring is caused by a partial obstruction in the upper airway behind the tongue. When your airway is partially obstructed, this causes tissues in your nose and throat to vibrate and leads to snoring.

VitalSleep is intended to be used to reduce or stop your snoring. The mouthpiece pulls your lower jaw forward and creates an opening between the upper and lower jaw. This improves the airflow into your lungs while you sleep.

Smooth airflow into your lungs stops snoring. By using VitalSleep's adjustment tools, you can open your airway incrementally by advancing the lower jaw slightly more each night until snoring stops.

how vitalsleep works

Video Review

Video review of vitalSleep

This is a video review of VitalSleep for Snoring Mouthpiece Review:

The video review shows you:

  • What VitalSleep looks like
  • How it works
  • Actual results from using it
  • How to clean it

What's Included

When I buy VitalSleep, what do I get?

vitalsleep with case

VitalSleep orders include:

  • One (1) VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpiece
  • Fitting/ care instructions
  • One (1) storage case
  • Fitting/ adjustment tools

This picture is of the package which contains VitalSleep and all of its pieces.

vitalsleep box

This picture shows a VitalSleep mouthpiece in its case with fitting adjustment tools.

vitalsleep adjustment and fitting tools

This is what the VitalSleep booklet looks like inside:

vitalsleep booklet

Precautions/ Health Info

Who should not use VitalSleep?

Do not use VitalSleep if you:

  • Have full dentures or wear braces
  • Had a dental implant in the last year
  • Have severe respiratory disorders, such as asthma or emphysema
  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Have been diagnosed with Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
  • Have infections on your teeth or gums
  • Have had a jaw injury or jaw surgery within the last 5 years
  • Have central sleep apnea
  • Have loose teeth

Warnings about VitalSleep

As a disclaimer, VitalSleep mentions the following warnings in their booklet which could occur using their mouthpiece:

  • Tooth movement or changes in dental occlusion
  • Gingival or dental soreness
  • Pain or soreness of the temporomandibular joint
  • Obstruction of oral breathing
  • Excessive salivation
  • Changes to your bite
  • Gum or tooth soreness

Can VitalSleep replace my CPAP machine?

No. VitalSleep is for simple snoring and is not designed as a CPAP replacement for those with sleep apnea. You should talk to your doctor about the use of a snoring mouthpiece to address sleep apnea.

Does VitalSleep treat sleep apnea?

No, VitalSleep is designed to reduce snoring. It is not intended to treat sleep apnea unless directed by a dentist or physician.

Can I wear VitalSleep with bces or a retainer?

No. The VitalSleep mouthpiece will not fit your mouth correctly if you have braces or wear a retainer.

Can I wear VitalSleep with an overbite?

No. VitalSleep is not recommended for people who have an overbite because it will most likely not fit correctly.

Is VitalSleep FDA Cleared?


Yes, VitalSleep has been FDA cleared for snoring.

Product Details

Who is VitalSleep for?

VitalSleep is designed for adults that snore. If you have partial dentures and some front teeth on both your upper and lower jaws, then VitalSleep may work for you.

How long does VitalSleep last?

VitalSleep should last at least 1 year of normal use. This is why VitalSleep will replace your order for up to 1 year.

How much jaw advancement does VitalSleep offer?

VitalSleep can be adjusted incrementally up to 7 millimeters.

How is VitalSleep designed?

VitalSleep uses an adjustable, patented design to prevent snoring.

vitalsleep diagram

What Is VitalSleep Made Of?

bpa free

VitalSleep is made of flexible FDA approved, medical-grade safe materials. The materials are Elvax and Delrin, created by Dupont.

VitalSleep is BPA and laxtex free with no metal components.

What makes VitalSleep unique?

VitalSleep comes in multiple sizes, for men and women. Additionally, VitalSleep has a large opening for improved airflow at night (6mm).

VitalSleep includes custom adjustment tools to advance the jaw to the ideal position for you to stop snoring. You can re-adjust VitalSleep using their tools to many times without the need to refit the mouthpiece. The adjustment tools are easier to use than most other snoring mouthpieces.

How wide is the VitalSleep airway?

vitalsleep airway opening measurement

VitalSleep has an airway of 6 millimeters. This is a wide opening that can allow the tip of the tongue to advance forward, resulting in a less snoring.

Are there different sizes of VitalSleep?

Yes, unlike many other snoring mouthpieces, VitalSleep comes in different sizes.

  • Men (regular)
    • Recommended for all men, even those with smaller mouths
  • Women (small)

What's the best size of VitalSleep to order?

Men should order the regular size and women should order the smaller size. Even men with a smaller mouth should order the regular size. VitalSleep offers you a free size replacement if the size you order is too big or too small.

The smaller size, for women, is about 15% smaller than the normal size.

To know which size you have, look at the right side of the mouthpiece. The regular size of the mouthpiece has an "R" on the right side of the hinge while the smaller size has an "S".

Where is VitalSleep made?

made in USA

How does VitalSleep compare with other snoring mouthpieces?

VitalSleep is different because it has a large airway opening, male and female sizes and uses adjustment tools. The large airway opening and adjustable lower-half of the mouthpiece allow for increased airflow. This can result in better sleep and less snoring.

VitalSleep's fitting process is also a bit different because it does not create as deep of an impression as some other mouthpieces.

VitalSleep vs. Zyppah

VitalSleep differs from Zyppah in the following ways:

  • VitalSleep uses adjustment tools to advance the lower jaw incrementally while Zyppah has a one-size-fits-all advancement
  • VitalSleep's impression of your teeth is not as secure as that of Zyppah
  • VitalSleep doesn't have an elastic band to keep your tongue in place like Zyppah
  • VitalSleep is made of softer material than Zyppah
  • VitalSleep can overheat more easily than Zyppah

VitalSleep vs. SnoreRx

VitalSleep differs from SnoreRx in the following ways:

  • VitalSleep uses adjustment tools to advance the lower jaw incrementally by rotating a screw while SnoreRx uses fixed 1mm increments to make jaw adjustments
  • VitalSleep does not leave impressions of your teeth which are as secure or deep as SnoreRx
  • VitalSleep's materials are softer and less durable than SnoreRx

Patient Results

Actual patient tesults from wearing VitalSleep

A patient who snored wore VitalSleep for two consecutive nights. Before wearing VitalSleep, the patient recorded snoring. While wearing VitalSleep, the patient snored less.

The results, captured using a snoring app, show that the snoring was reduced in both duration and intensity each night. The patient kept the mouthpiece close to its default adjustment setting while wearing the mouthpiece. Therefore, it's possible their snoring could have been further reduced over time with incremental adjustments. These results indicate that VitalSleep can show an improve in snoring immediately.


before wearing vitalsleep

With VitalSleep:

Night 1:

with vitalsleep night 1

Night 2:

with vitalsleep night 2

During the nights the patient wore VitalSleep, they also measured their blood oxygen saturation using a pulse oximeter. This was important to monitor to prove that the patient was able to breathe properly at night with the mouthpiece. The red line on the charts indicate the low oxygen point where it would be considered dangerous.

These recordings indicate that the patient was able to get adequate oxygen during the time they wore the VitalSleep mouthpiece at night.

Night 1:

night 1 vitalsleep o2

Night 2:

with vitalsleep night 2 o2

Patient feedback:

After wearing the VitalSleep mouthpiece for two nights, the patient mentioned some slight discomfort near the front of their teeth. They did not mention this to be painful, however.

Fitting Process

How do you fit VitalSleep?

Note: You should brush your teeth before fitting VitalSleep

  1. Boil enough water to immerse the mouthpiece and then turn off the heat
  2. Immerse VitalSleep (with the seperator inserted) into hot water for exactly 10 seconds using tongs of a spatula
    • VitalSleep can easily overheat, do not heat more than 10 seconds
  3. Remove VitalSleep from hot water (make sure it's not too hot for your mouth) and then place it in your mouth with the triangle facing up
    • Keep the seperator in place while your fit the mouthpiece to keep the top and bottom from bonding together
  4. Bite down on mouthpiece and use your fingers to mold it to your teeth, do this for 15-30 seconds
  5. Once the mouthpiece has been fit to your mouth, put it in cold water for 30 seconds to solidify the impression
    • Keep the seperator in place while it cools
  6. Use the left and right screws on the mouthpice with the adjustment tool to move the lower-half of the device forward
    • This helps open your airway to reduce snoring
    • Do this incrementally each night a small amount until snoring stops

Here you can see the top side of the VitalSleep mouthpiece with its triangle pointing up. When fitting VitalSleep, make sure it is facing up so that you can fit it correctly.

top of vitalsleep with fitting piece

Here you can see VitalSleep, with its fitting insert, being lowered into boiled water using tongs. VitalSleep can easily overheat, it is very important not to heat it more than 10 seconds!

vitalsleep in boiling water

After fitting VitalSleep, there will not be deep impressions of your teeth. The purpose of fitting the mouthpiece is to have it more closely resemble the shape of your mouth so that it stays in place easier while you sleep.

vitsleep after fitting

How Do You Adjust VitalSleep?

This image shows VitalSleep and its adjustment tools.

adjusting vitalsleep

There are spots on both sides of the device which can be adjusted until the lower jaw is in the best position. It may be needed to slowly adjust the device, over a few nights or weeks, to prevent discomfort and get the best results.

adjusting vitalsleep with tools

Costs, Shipping Options And Warranty

What is the return policy/ warranty on VitalSleep?

vitalsleep warranty

VitalSleep offers you a 60-day money back guarantee with a 1-year warranty. The 60-day period starts when you order.

If you do not fit the mouthpiece correctly, VitalSleep will replace it for you if you are within the time frame they give.

Does VitalSleep accept insurance?

No. VitalSleep does not directly accept insurance. You may be able to find an insurance company that could reimburse your costs, however.

Does VitalSleep ship outside the USA?

Yes, VitalSleep can ship your order internationally and it should take 6-10 days to do so.

VitalSleep's anti-snoring mouthpiece is made in the USA.

What if I grind my teeth, can I wear VitalSleep?

VitalSleep is made to reduce snoring but they report that you can gain some protection from your teeth grinding while wearing their mouthpiece.

How much does VitalSleep cost?

What Forms Of Payment Does VitalSleep Take?

vitalsleep payment options

You can order VitalSleep with:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • PayPal

Note that VitalSleep authorizes your credit card before shipping your order, the actual charge of your card, the amount you actually need to pay on your bill, is only due after shipment.

How quickly will VitalSleep ship my order?

If your order is placed by 3:00PM Eastern Time, VitalSleep should ship your order the same day.

VitalSleep does not offer next-day or overnight orders.

Company Info

Where is VitalSleep located?

vitalsleep logo

United States. VitalSleep (The Snore Reliever Company, LLC) is based out of New York, New York

How long has VitalSleep been in business?

VitalSleep was incorporated in 2009.

Is VitalSleep accredited by the BBB?

No, VitalSleep has not been accredited by the BBB.

VitalSleep Details

Company Name The Snore Reliever Company, LLC
Business Address 347 5th Avenue, Suite 1402-148, New York, NY 10016
Mouthpiece Type Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
FDA Cleared Yes
Total Price $69.95 for 1 or $108.95 for 2
BBB Status Not accredited


How do you maintain and clean VitalSleep?

cleanWhen not in use, store VitalSleep in the protective case.

You can clean VitalSleep with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also clean it with denture cleaner. You should clean VitalSleep every week or if you notice it having stains or odors.

VitalSleep also has an anti-viral mouthpiece cleaner to clean and disinfect the mouthpiece.


Overall review of VitalSleep


VitalSleep is a snoring mouthpiece which can reduce your snoring. It offers the ability to incrementally adjust the position of your jaw with its tools and has a large airway opening which your tongue can stick out through - these can help reduce snoring.

There is an adjustment period, like all snoring mouthpieces have, which may cause some discomfort. After this, the mouthpiece should feel normal to wear each night.

VitalSleep offers a long warranty of 1 year, with a 60-day money back guarantee. This show their confidence in their product.

The mouthpiece comes in different sizes, for men and women, increasing the likelihood that it will fit you.

VitalSleep is recommended as a way to stop your snoring!

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Where Can I Buy VitalSleep?

Official site:

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Overall Rating: 4.0

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