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Last updated: January 28th, 2024


About Snoring Mouthpiece Review

Hi, I'm Nathan Foster and I started Snoring Mouthpiece Review back in 2016.

Before creating this site, I had received complaints about my snoring from my sleep partner and began seeking a solution. Along my journey to stop snoring, I saw several doctors. I had painful surgery in my nose for snoring and it still didn't stop my snoring!

In the end, the most effective thing I could do, besides lifestyle modifications, was start wearing a mouthpiece to open my airway and reduce my snoring.

Nose Surgery

To give some more background on my snoring journey, I first went to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor). After he looked in my nose, he suggested turbinate coblation surgery to reduce snoring. The surgery essentially envolves burning away parts of the inside of your nose to help open up your airway.

I was nervous about having any kind of surgery to address my snoring. As a result, I saw a second ENT doctor who concurred that I should go forward with the surgery. As it turns out, it was a painful surgery and I asked for more anesthesia! My nose was bleeding constantly for about a day after the surgery.

Once my nose started to heal, I noticed that my sense of smell was greatly diminished. I went back to the doctor for a smell test and he confirmed I had a reduced sense of smell from the surgery. He ordered an MRI which showed scarring in my nose.

It took about a year before I could begin to smell the way I did before the surgery. Now, years later, my sense of smell has improved but I don't believe it will ever be as good as it was before.

Sleep Specialist

Despite having surgery in my nose to open up my airway, I was still snoring. From here I went to see a doctor who specalized in snoring and sleep apnea. They suggested I did an at home sleep study, it revealed I had mild sleep apnea.

The doctor suggested I use a mouthpiece to help open my airway while I sleep. As a result, I ended up having a custom mouthpiece made for snoring.

While the mouthpiece they made for me did have a custom fit, the specific model (Somnodent now called "Somnodent classic") cost me over $500 (excluding the doctor's fees) and broke after only a few months. One of the "fins" on the device broke off in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep, waking me up!

Instead of having to go through all the time and effort of a sleep specialist again, I just went back to FDA cleared online mouthpieces. I knew that the concept of keeping the jaw advanced while sleeping worked.

The best snoring mouthpieces, such as SnoreRx Plus, offer a custom fit and are much less expensive than the laboratory ones.

Assisting Development of SleepTight Mouthpiece

After I had determined that a snoring mouthpiece was going to be a part of my future, I started trying all of the stop snoring products out there.

Along the way, I got in contact with Dr. Mike Williams, creator of SleepTight Mouthpiece. I was giving him feedback on his product at the time. As a result, I helped him build an online product response form to reach out to his customers. He used this research to make a new version of SleepTight which was launched in 2021. In 2022, SleepTight Mouthpiece was acquired by DOC Brands, Inc.

Over the course of 6 years, I have gone from a random person snoring to assisting a company create a new product which lead to their company being acquired! This shows my dedication to helping not only myself, but others with their snoring journey.

Mission of Snoring Mouthpiece Review

The mission of Snoring Mouthpiece Review is to recommend the best snoring and sleep apnea-related mouthpices. I want people to know there are snoring solutions out there to try before anything as drastic as surgery. Make sure to consider a snoring mouthpiece before undergoing any kind of surgery for snoring.

If I can help guide you to having better sleep quality without the pain and misery I went through, I've done my job here. The better the quality of your sleep, the better the quality of your life, and I hope to help you along the way.