Last updated: June 17th, 2018

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What Is Snoring Mouthpiece Review?

Snoring Mouthpiece Review is a website which addresses the topic of snoring and how it can be treated using a mouthpiece.

The website consists of detailed reviews on mouthpieces which can reduce or prevent snoring based on actual patient results. The site also details aspects of health and monitoring which relate to snoring and mouthpieces.

Snoring is a major problem, effecting millions of people around the world. We believe mouthpieces are one of the easiest and most effective ways of addressing snoring.

How Is Snoring Mouthpiece Review Different Than Other Review Sites For Snoring?

There are many websites and blogs online today which address the topic of snoring. Many of these websites lack scientific data to back up their claims. Additionally, many snoring sites out there do not focus purely on mouthpieces that advance the jaw using the teeth or tongue - a clinically proven method to reduce snoring. The focus here only on mouthpieces offers rich information that you won't find anywhere else.

Snoring Mouthpiece Review presents unbiased information from different patients who have used snoring mouthpieces. In most cases, properly fit and adjusted mouthpieces reduce or eliminate snoring.

The results on this site use:

  • Snoring apps (these help to monitor the frequency and intensity of snoring of patients)
  • A pulse oximeter (this helps know if the patient can breathe properly while wearing the mouthpiece)
  • Feedback from the patients (this addresses if the experience was actually comfortable and easy)

The results presented here are from real people who have given us permission to show their snoring results.

We present the information so that people interested in treating their snoring can see how a mouthpiece can work for them before buying. Seeing real results from real people is the best way to see that snoring mouthpieces do work before you buy one yourself.

Why Use A Mouthpiece For Snoring?

A mouthpiece is often a wise choice for people who snore because it opens the airway. It is also a common first-line treatment for those with mild to moderate sleep apnea. Snoring mouthpieces should not be used for those with severe sleep apnea unless directed by a dentist or sleep professional.

A mouthpiece may be used alone or in combination with other devices such as nasal strips, pillows and other anti-snoring products. It can even sometimes be used with a CPAP device, when specified.

Snoring mouthpieces often are:

  • Economical (around $100)
  • Without a doctor involved (this saves you time and money!)
  • Done at home
  • Drug free
  • Able to last months or years on regular use

Our Mission At Snoring Mouthpiece Review

We created Snoring Mouthpiece Review to be the best resource online for mouthpieces that address the problem of snoring.

We believe that smart consumers will do their research before buying a mouthpiece for snoring and we want to be involved by helping answer all of the most important questions people have before buying.

On our website we address:

  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Dental issues that relate to mouthpieces
  • Ease of use in fitting and cleaning

You should be able to easily see which snoring mouthpiece is best for you after visiting this website. We make it easy to buy a mouthpiece through this website by answering your questions.

Disclaimer: This website does not provide medical advice and is no substitute for a doctor. Consult a medical professional if you need medical advice.