Joey Diaz Sleep Apnea: An In-Depth Look at the Cuban-American Comedian's Health

Last updated: January 28th, 2024

Picture this: you’re a renowned comedian, actor, and podcast host, but there’s one thing that’s been trying to steal your thunder – Joey Diaz sleep apnea. That’s the reality for Cuban-American comedian Joey Diaz. But has this snore-inducing condition held Uncle Joey back? Quite the contrary!

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Joey Diaz’s health journey, exploring his battle with sleep apnea, addiction, and other health challenges, while showing how his support system and advocacy have helped him persevere in his career and beyond.


Key Takeaways

  • Joey Diaz turned his sleep apnea diagnosis into comedic gold and continues to make us laugh with stand-up, acting roles, and podcasting.

  • With a supportive family, friends & fans he’s conquered addiction & comorbidities while raising awareness for sleep apnea research!

  • He proves that you can take lemons (snoring) and turn it into lemonade (LOLs)!

Joey Diaz's Struggle with Sleep Apnea

Joey Diaz is no stranger to challenges. The stand-up comedian and actor has faced numerous obstacles in his life and health, including sleep apnea. You know, that pesky condition where you can’t seem to catch a break while catching some Z’s.

Joey was diagnosed with sleep apnea after a snooze-monitoring study, which led him to use a CPAP machine – a snazzy device that helped him regain the much-needed beauty sleep for his thriving career in stand-up comedy, acting, and podcasting.

But how did Joey become afflicted with this sleep-stealing disorder? We will examine his diagnosis, the measures he took to address the issue, and the relief he discovered with his trusty CPAP machine.

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Sleep apnea is a real snooze-fest, characterized by taking involuntary breaks or shallow breaths while you’re trying to get some shut-eye. The common symptoms include loud snoring, gasping for air, and daytime fatigue so intense that even a double espresso wouldn’t do the trick.

As an author, Joey Diaz needs to stay focused and energized to write his content, so you can imagine how this disorder could throw a wrench in his plans.

Joey’s sleep apnea diagnosis came after he experienced these tell-tale signs, and it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride ever since. His career has been impacted, but like the true performer he is, Joey has managed to incorporate his sleep apnea experiences into his stand-up comedy routines and podcast discussions.

Addressing the Issue

Determined not to let sleep apnea call the shots, Joey Diaz made some significant lifestyle changes to tackle the issue head-on. He tweaked his diet, got his groove on with exercise, and even managed to slim down, which helped tone down the intensity of his sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea treatments range from Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) to surgery, but it was the CPAP machine that became Joey’s snooze buddy, helping him breathe easy and sleep soundly.

Finding Relief with CPAP

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines are like a breath of fresh air for sleep apnea sufferers. They use gentle air pressure to keep your airways open while you snooze, reducing the number of apneas and hypopneas that disrupt your sleep.

For Joey Diaz, this nifty device was a game-changer. With his trusty CPAP machine by his side, he found sweet relief from his sleep apnea symptoms. This allowed him to continue his illustrious career in stand-up comedy, acting, and podcasting, making us all laugh and inspiring others who may be battling the same condition.


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Joey Diaz's Health Journey

Joey Diaz talking about his sleep apnea journey

Sleep apnea wasn’t the only health hurdle Joey Diaz had to overcome. His wild ride has included kicking addiction to the curb, slimming down, and managing comorbidities like high blood pressure, diabetes, and gout. It’s been quite the journey, but with determination, support, and a good sense of humor, Joey has faced each challenge head-on.

We will delve into how Joey Diaz conquered addiction, shed weight, and adjusted his lifestyle to manage comorbid conditions.

Overcoming Addiction

Addiction is like a clingy friend you can’t seem to shake off. It’s a chronic condition that affects the brain’s reward, motivation, and memory circuits, making it extremely difficult to break free.

Joey Diaz had a rocky relationship with drugs and alcohol for years before seeking help and achieving sobriety. Joey’s trek to sobriety involved seeking assistance from a rehabilitation center and making significant lifestyle changes, such as exercising and eating better, to support his newfound sobriety.

By confronting his addiction head-on and seeking professional help, Joey turned his life around and paved the way for a healthier, happier future after his father died.

Weight Loss and Lifestyle Changes

As part of his health journey, Joey Diaz made some impressive lifestyle changes, such as swapping fast food for healthier options and hitting the gym. Weight loss is paramount for overall health and can aid in preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Joey’s weight-loss journey included the following steps:

  1. Adopting a low-calorie diet

  2. Exercising regularly

  3. Taking supplements to support his weight-loss goals

  4. Undergoing gastric bypass surgery

  5. Undergoing knee replacement surgery

These changes have significantly improved his health and well-being.

Managing Comorbid Conditions

Joey Diaz’s health challenges didn’t stop at sleep apnea and addiction. He’s also had to manage comorbid conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and gout. Juggling these ailments is no easy feat, but Joey has found success through a combination of medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthier diet and exercising regularly, are essential for managing comorbid conditions and preventing complications. With dedication and a strong support system, Joey Diaz has successfully managed his health and continued to thrive in his career.

The Impact of Sleep Apnea on Joey Diaz's Career

Joey Diaz on stage performing stand up comedy

Sleep apnea might have tried to steal Joey Diaz’s thunder, but it couldn’t keep him down for long. Despite the challenges it posed, Joey persevered and found success in his stand-up comedy, acting, and podcasting careers.

We’ll investigate how sleep apnea has influenced Joey Diaz’s career in each of these fields, and how he’s utilized his experiences as a chance to enlighten and entertain others.

Stand-Up Comedy

Joey Diaz’s stand-up comedy career has been influenced by his experiences with sleep apnea, often incorporating it into his routines. Instead of letting it hold him back, Joey used his sleep apnea diagnosis as material for his acts, turning a difficult situation into a source of laughter and connection with his audience.

Despite the fatigue and challenges posed by sleep apnea, Joey Diaz has continued to perform and entertain audiences worldwide with his unique comedic style. His ability to share his personal experiences and make light of his struggles has made him a beloved figure in the world of stand-up comedy.

Acting Roles

Sleep apnea might make it difficult for Joey Diaz to catch some Z’s, but it hasn’t stopped him from landing acting roles in various movies and television shows.

Joey has showcased his talent and resilience in the face of adversity at Uncle Joey’s Joint.

Despite his sleep apnea, Joey Diaz has continued to thrive in his acting career, proving that determination and hard work can overcome even the most challenging obstacles.

Podcasting Success

Joey Diaz recording a podcast

Joey Diaz’s podcasting success has given him a platform to raise awareness about sleep apnea and share his personal experiences with the condition. Through his podcast, “The Church of What’s Happening Now,” Joey has discussed his sleep apnea journey and the impact it has had on his life and career.

By sharing his story and educating others about sleep apnea, Joey Diaz has used his podcasting success to make a difference in the lives of others who may be struggling with the same condition. His openness and honesty have inspired many to seek help and find the resources they need to manage their sleep apnea.

Personal Life and Support System

Behind every great comedian is a strong support system, and Joey Diaz is no exception.

His personal life includes:

  • His wife

  • His daughter

  • His friends

  • Fellow comedians

Sleep apnea management, as one of the crucial topics, has played a significant role in his health journey and sleep quality.

We’ll examine the individuals who have steadfastly supported Joey Diaz through all obstacles, providing love, encouragement, and understanding as he grapples with the challenges posed by his health and career.

Wife and Daughter

Joey Diaz’s wife, Terrie Diaz, and daughter, Mercy Sofia Diaz, have been constant sources of love and support, standing by his side as he navigated his sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. From cheering him on during his stand-up comedy performances to providing a listening ear when he needed it most, they have been an essential part of Joey’s journey and success, just like a mother would be.

Their support has made a significant difference in Joey’s health and well-being, helping him stay focused on his treatment and providing the motivation he needs to continue doing what he loves.

Friends and Fellow Comedians

Joey Diaz with friends

Joey Diaz’s friends and fellow comedians, such as Joe Rogan and Dana White, have also played a vital role in his health journey. The impact of Joe Rogan sleep apnea have been documented on his show.

Their support has been invaluable, as it has allowed Joey to lean on them during difficult times and share his experiences with sleep apnea and other health challenges. This camaraderie has not only helped Joey manage his sleep apnea but also inspired others who may be facing similar struggles.

Fans and Followers


Joey Diaz’s fans and followers have also shown their support and appreciation for his openness about his sleep apnea journey. Through social media and interactions during performances, they have expressed their gratitude for his candidness and willingness to share his experiences.

Their support has helped Joey Diaz stay motivated and committed to his health journey, as well as inspiring others who may be struggling with sleep apnea or other health challenges. By sharing his story, Joey has made a difference in the lives of countless fans and followers who look up to him as a source of strength and inspiration.

Sleep Apnea Awareness and Advocacy


Joey Diaz has used his platform to raise awareness about sleep apnea, including:

  • Sharing his personal story

  • Supporting research and treatment efforts

  • Using his stand-up comedy, acting roles, and podcasting success to shed light on the condition

Through these efforts, Joey has helped to raise awareness about sleep apnea, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

We’ll investigate how Joey Diaz has communicated his story and backed sleep apnea research and treatment, effecting a change for those who suffer from this sleep-stealing disorder.

Sharing His Story

Joey Diaz has been open and honest about his sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment, discussing it in detail during interviews, podcasts, and even in a YouTube video. He has shared his experiences with sleep apnea and the impact it has had on his life and career, helping to raise awareness and educate others about the condition.

By sharing his story, Joey Diaz has inspired countless individuals who may be struggling with sleep apnea to seek help and find the resources they need to manage their condition. His candidness and willingness to discuss his experiences have made a significant difference in the lives of many who are affected by sleep apnea.

Supporting Sleep Apnea Research and Treatment

Joey Diaz is not only an advocate for sleep apnea awareness but also a supporter of sleep apnea research and treatment. He believes that a better understanding of the condition and the development of new treatment options are essential to helping those who are affected by sleep apnea find the relief they need.

Through his platform and advocacy efforts, Joey Diaz has helped raise awareness about the importance of sleep apnea research and treatment, encouraging more people to seek help and find the resources they need to manage their condition.


Joey Diaz’s journey with sleep apnea and other health challenges has been a wild ride, but with determination, support, and a good sense of humor, he has managed to thrive in his career and personal life. By sharing his story and advocating for sleep apnea awareness and research, Joey has made a difference in the lives of countless individuals who face similar struggles.

So, the next time you watch one of his stand-up comedy performances or tune in to his podcast, remember that behind the laughter is a man who has persevered through adversity and emerged stronger than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bert Kreischer have sleep apnea?

It looks like Bert Kreischer has made it clear - he has sleep apnea, likely connected to his obesity. So if you're planning on following in his footsteps of success, don't forget to get that checked too! Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can have serious consequences if left untreated. It's important to get it checked out if you think you may have it. Taking the time to get a diagnosis and

What does Joe Rogan do for sleep apnea?

Joe Rogan found that using a mouthpiece device can help him manage his sleep apnea symptoms and get better quality sleep!

Is sleep apnea a life long condition?

Sleep apnea is a lifelong condition for many, but thankfully, there are treatments like CPAP therapy which can drastically improve the chances of living a long and healthy life - and even restoring everyday quality of life! So, if you have sleep apnea, don't fret, just get the help you need to manage it.

Where can I find a good CPAP machine?

If you have sleep apena and are looking for a CPAP machine, we have reviewed the best CPAP machines for you to consider.

Are Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan still friends?

Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan are still good buddies, having been friends since their early days in comedy. From podcasting to TV, they've both enjoyed immense success, with Diaz even sharing an inspirational story about Rogan recently. It's clear these two are long-term friends!

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a real snooze-killer; causing involuntary breaks in your breathing and leaving you feeling exhausted even after a full night's sleep. If you find yourself snoring or gasping for air while sleeping, it might be time to look into sleep apnea!


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