Joe Rogan Snoring Mouthpiece to Combat Sleep Apnea

Last updated: September 26th, 2023

Joe Rogan, a well-known UFC commentator and podcast host, has been dealing with the struggles of snoring and sleep apnea for years.

An answer could help him obtain improved sleep quality, Joe Rogan uses a snoring mouthpiece.

Through this article it’s brought to attention how crucial treating sleeping disorders like these are not just for athletes but also those who report on them, such as commentators in combat sports all over the world.

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Short Summary

  • Joe Rogan has successfully addressed his sleep apnea and snoring issues with Dr. Bryan Keropian.

  • Sleep is essential for athletes and UFC commentators to optimize performance, recovery, and overall well-being.

  • Utilizing strategies such as sleep tracking devices/ apps (see snoring apps here), supplements (CBD & New MOOD), and a healthcare professional can help improve sleep quality while reducing the symptoms of sleep disorders.

Joe Rogan's Battle with Sleep Apnea and Snoring

For years, Joe Rogan’s sleep quality and daily life have been affected by his struggle with sleep apnea and snoring.

Despite trying various treatments to get a lasting solution for this disorder, it has proven difficult to find one. If not addressed properly, the effects of this condition can be severe - leading to health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke or heart disease.

Determined in finding a way out of his struggles with sleeping well at night, Joe decided to go on an adventure which led him towards Dr. Bryan Keropian’s specially designed mouthpiece against snoring. This device made an incredible difference. Helping Rogers breathe more easily during restful hours while also alleviating issues related to sleep and even snoring for once in his life Christopher Ryan-a fellow podcast host – confirmed how effective had the new aid been for Rogers’ health & wellbeing!

Understanding Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects about one-third of Americans and causes them to have pauses in breathing or shallow breath while sleeping.

Risk factors for developing the condition include being overweight, allergies, having family members with sleep apnea as well as dietary choices which may result in other sleep related issues.

Central Sleep Apnea (CSA), another type of this disorder, results from an imbalance between respiration feedback mechanisms leading to decreased oxygen saturation causing drowsiness during daytime hours, fatigue upon waking up each morning including headaches plus troubles concentrating along with altered moods making high blood pressure and heart problems more possible outcomes too. It’s important if you think you could be suffering from CSA then seek medical help immediately.

Joe Rogan's Experience with Sleep Apnea

Joe Rogan has openly spoken about his experience with sleep apnea on his renowned podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

This disorder has caused him fatigue, challenges concentrating and problems sleeping - all of which have had a damaging effect on both life in general and the quality of rest he’s been getting.

To try to combat this issue, Joe tried various types of corrective equipment as well as mouthguards. It wasn’t until he encountered Dr Bryan Keropian’s snoring device that any true relief was found for what appeared to be an intractable problem impacting many facets of daily living.

What Joe Rogan Said On Air About Sleep Apnea And Mouthpieces

On one of his podcasts, Joe Rogan said:

"Sleep apnea is a real fucking problem, I have it. I take a mouthpiece, I put a mouthpiece in at night when I go to sleep but it keeps my tongue from falling back on my throat. A lot of athletes have it, the bigger your neck gets, the more muscle tissue you have in your neck, the more it closes off your air hole when you go to sleep like there's a lot of meat in there."

The Snoring Mouthpiece: Dr. Bryan Keropian's Solution

Inventor and patent holder Dr. Bryan Keropian has designed a mouthguard to help those who suffer from sleep apnea, snoring problems or both.

Known as mandibular advancement devices (MADs) or tongue-retaining devices (TRDs), these tools open airways while sleeping thus decreasing loud breathing during slumber and ultimately reducing the amount of snoring that occurs throughout the night. Joe Rogan attests to its success in his life. Having made an immense impact on his overall well being due to improved quality of sleep accompanied by additional energy for daily activities such as commenting UFC matches/matters. This ‘world of difference’ is largely due to this handy device created with intentionality aimed at improving Roger’s—and many others’ lives too!

How the Mouthpiece Works

The snoring mouthpiece operates by repositioning the jaw and moving the tongue forward to keep a free-flowing airway during sleep. It provides an even pressure on the lower jaw, creating room for unblocked breathing pathways while lessening signs of apnea and snoring as well. Learn more about how snoring mouthpieces work here.

This piece offers more than just that: it secures your tongue in position ahead so you’ll have no obstructions when taking breaths, plus decreases symptoms associated with both snoring and interrupted rest, ultimately leading to better quality sleeping cycles overall which can increase one’s healthiness too.

By aiding unrestricted airflow throughout sleep, this device allows those who use it to improve their chances of good rest along with relief from indicators related to excessive noisy breathing noises or lack of oxygen intake due to constricted passageways caused by APNEA problems whilst asleep. This leads people toward greater peace around bedtime, resulting in improved wellbeing all round thanks to helpful aid provided through this anti-snore appliance.

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Joe Rogan's Experience with the Mouthpiece

Joe Rogan, a podcast host, has found that using a mouthpiece device can make his snoring more manageable and enhance the quality of sleep he gets.

This dental appliance is integral to helping him manage symptoms caused by apnea and obtain restful sleeping nights. The positive effects have been so great that it’s now an important part of Joe Rogan’s daily routine in order to achieve greater overall well-being due to better sleep cycles.

The Role of Sleep for Athletes and UFC Commentators

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Sleep is an essential component for both athletes and UFC commentator Joe Rogan to consider, as it aids in restoring physical and mental energy. This includes controlling hormones that have a direct effect on performance levels.

So sleep should never be overlooked when planning out the necessary aspects of any athlete’s routine.

Not getting enough rest can cause decreased capability while participating, heightened risk of injuries occurring, plus reduce cognitive clarity. Making quality shut-eye crucial for those involved with professional sports, such as fighters or commentators like Rogan, who may suffer from particular conditions like Sleep Apnea, which need attending too so they can maximize their output without compromising well-being.

Sleep Stages and Recovery

For athletes, obtaining quality sleep and ensuring sufficient duration in each stage of the cycle is essential for improving performance as well as physical and psychological health.

There are four stages to this process: Rapid Eye Movement (REM), Non-REM Stage 1, 2 & 3. All of which have a unique purpose that help restore and repair our bodies while facilitating memory consolidation.

The first three NREM Sleep Stages benefit us physically by providing restoration growth opportunities whereas REM Sleep helps with mental rejuvenation. Knowing how these elements work together can assist sportspeople in getting optimum rest so they gain an edge when competing or training hard.

It’s also important to recognize that adequate levels in any single phase may not be enough on its own – it requires balance between them all combined with consistent replenishment every night -for optimal results from your activities during the day.

Addressing Sleep Apnea in Athletic Communities

Joe Rogan and other authorities have mentioned that sleep apnea is common among football players and powerlifters.

This underscores the necessity of focusing on this disorder in athletic communities, as it can cause serious health issues such as a higher probability for stroke, heart attack or any kind of cardiovascular ailments.

It’s crucial to identify signs associated with sleep apnea and obtain proper treatment so athletes may avoid these risks while having better sleep quality along with overall well-being enhancement. Looking into sleep apnea within sporty circles is fundamental to guarantee optimal performance plus long lasting good physical condition.

Additional Strategies for Improving Sleep Quality

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Joe Rogan’s sleep has been enhanced through tracking and supplementing his regimen.

This combination of strategies for a more comprehensive approach is designed to improve Joe’s overall quality of rest, as well as reduce the signs associated with apnea. It is important that those dealing with sleeping issues such as this explore their options carefully in order to maximize their own individual outcomes when it comes to getting enough proper shut-eye. Understanding how certain methods work can be essential in making sure you have the best possible night’s sleep each time your head hits the pillow.

The WHOOP App/Device

Joe Rogan has been using the WHOOP device and app to track his sleeping and exercise patterns in order to improve himself overall.

Through this data he found that he was only getting 4-5 hours of sleep instead of the 7-8 as previously thought, so by monitoring with Whoop devices helped him adjust and enhance quality of rest leading ultimately to increased health benefits. With this revelation from tracking these metrics through WHOOP technologies, Joe Rogan is now better informed about how best optimizes his wellbeing for a healthier life.

Sleep Supplements

Joe Rogan has turned to incorporating sleep supplements, such as CBD and Onnit’s New MOOD, into his routine in order to bolster his well-being.

This is on top of using the WHOOP device which can help track stress levels through monitoring their impact on one’s quality of sleep.

By introducing these elements, it could be possible for an individual to experience enhanced restfulness along with reduced anxiety over time. Consulting a medical practitioner first before making any changes should not be overlooked due to its importance concerning safety considerations around each person specifically.


Joe Rogan’s experiences with sleep apnea demonstrate the need for taking proactive measures to improve overall quality of sleep.

Through his utilization of Dr. Bryan Keropian’s snoring mouthpiece, WHOOP app/device and supplements that focus on bettering rest, he has drastically upgraded slumber in order to boost performance as a UFC commentator and athlete alike.

It is essential for people dealing with this disorder to acknowledge it earlier so they can reap the benefits by getting adequate help when it comes to getting a good night’s rest while reducing any associated health risks along the way thus improving their wellness. Down line too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mouthpieces help with snoring?

Mouthpieces, particularly Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs), have been discovered to be an efficient way of eliminating snoring.

This is due to the fact that they are designed in a manner which slides them into one’s mouth and pushes the lower jaw forward so as to open up their airway. Consequently, it can be assumed these pieces could help with reducing episodes of snoring.

Does Joe Rogan have a tongue device for sleep apnea?

On his podcast, Joe Rogan discussed an innovative device he uses to assist with managing sleep apnea – a mouthpiece which holds the tongue down and stops it from moving back.

He shared that this has made ‘a world of difference’ for him in terms of getting quality rest. This technology is a fantastic example of how aiding someone with sleep apnea can greatly benefit their overall health.

Does Joe Rogan have sleep apnea?

Joe Rogan has made it evident through his YouTube videos and podcast that he suffers from sleep apnea.

To mitigate the effects of snoring, which can impact on sleep quality, a corrective device is employed by him to help control the noise while sleeping. This particular issue affects many individuals in general and if one believes they have this condition, then seeking medical advice would be highly recommended. The appliance used aids in improving overall restful time throughout Joe’s slumbering hours too.

What is sleep apnea and how does it affect daily life and overall health?

Sleep apnea is a disorder that brings about pauses in breathing and shallow breaths while sleeping, resulting in fatigue, difficulties paying attention as well as problems with getting quality sleep.

These effects can significantly influence an individual’s day-to-day life and general health. Such impacts may include diminished productivity levels. Higher risks of accidents plus even depressive symptoms -all which can deteriorate the quality of one’s lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are ways to control this condition like altering living habits such as avoiding certain activities before going to sleep or by undergoing medical treatments for treating it altogether.

How does Dr. Bryan Keropian's snoring mouthpiece work?

Dr. Bryan Keropian’s mouthpiece helps individuals who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring by positioning the tongue and jaw in a way that encourages an open airway during sleep. This can reduce symptoms of both disorders, helping improve overall quality of restful sleep.

Is a Snoring Mouthpiece Right For Me?

Snoring mouthpieces can be an esay and effective solution if you are looking to stop snoring.

They are non-invasive, portable, plus easy to use. When choosing the best mouthpiece for you, consider factors such as the type of mouthpiece (MAD vs TSD), your specific needs, and your budget.

We've reviewed the best snoring mouthpieces here.

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