SnoreRx Plus: A Comprehensive Review

Last updated: February 2nd, 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • SnoreRx Plus is a top-choice mouthpiece to prevent snoring.

  • Its customizable fit, adjustability, and comfort features make it an effective anti-snoring solution with overwhelmingly positive user reviews.

  • Backed by a 30-night money-back guarantee, SnoreRx Plus is a reliable investment for those seeking improved sleep quality.


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Video Review

A video review of SnoreRx Plus for

Notes On Video

  • The patient wearing the device had a snoring problem before wearing the SnoreRx Plus

  • While wearing SnoreRx Plus, with the default setting, the patient noticed a decrease in snoring of over 70% for the first three consecutive nights.

  • With further adjustments to the device, the patient could experience even more reduction in snoring.

Introduction to SnoreRx Plus

snore-rx-plus-sideways snore-rx-plus-facing-wearer

SnoreRx Plus is one of the mandibular advancement devices designed to reduce or eliminate snoring by gently moving the lower jaw forward, opening the airway, and facilitating improved airflow.

Made with FDA-cleared copolymer plastic, it offers a customizable and comfortable fit. This anti-snoring mouthpiece works by maintaining an open airway while sleeping, achieved through an impression of the user’s teeth to hold the jaw in position and prevent it from collapsing backward.

The boil-and-bite method is used to create this custom impression. Incorporating dental sleep medicine practices, SnoreRx Plus aims to provide a non-invasive solution for better sleep.

The original SnoreRx has already helped countless people achieve better sleep, and the SnoreRx Plus builds upon the same features while offering additional benefits. With its sleek design and proven effectiveness, SnoreRx Plus is a top choice for anyone looking to reduce snoring and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

Preparing Your SnoreRx Plus for Use

booklet-snorerx-plus snore-rx-plus-fitting-process

The SnoreRx Plus mouthpiece can be easily customized at home using the boil-and-bite method, ensuring a personalized fit for each user. To prepare your SnoreRx Plus for use, follow these steps:

  1. Heat the device in boiling water for the recommended time.

  2. Carefully remove the mouthpiece and let it cool for a few seconds.

  3. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and bite down firmly, allowing the softened plastic to mold around your teeth.

  4. Hold the bite for the suggested duration.

  5. Remove the mouthpiece and place it in cold water to set the impression.

This customization process allows SnoreRx Plus to provide a tailored fit that ensures maximum comfort and effectiveness in reducing snoring.

Following the instructions carefully is pivotal for achieving optimal results and avoiding potential issues with the device’s fit or functionality. If any concerns arise, our customer service team is available to assist.

The Look and Feel of SnoreRx Plus

holding-snore-rx-plus-after-fitting nore-rx-plus-fit

SnoreRx Plus features:

  • Sleek design with firmer outer pads and softer, customizable inner pads

  • Comfort and durability

  • Open front for ventilation and mouth breathing

  • Helps prevent snoring and dry mouth during sleep

  • SnoreRx ships to various locations for your convenience.

The features of SnoreRx Plus include:

  • Comfortable and secure mouthpiece design

  • No loose teeth or irritation to soft tissue

  • Modern aesthetics and user-friendly design

  • Pleasant user experience

  • Effective reduction of snoring

Navigating the Features of SnoreRx Plus

snorerx plus in case

One of the standout features of SnoreRx Plus is its micro-adjustability, which allows users to shift the position of the lower jaw in 1-millimeter increments. This precise adjustability ensures that users can find the optimal jaw position to effectively reduce snoring without needing special tools or professional assistance.

The device also offers full lateral adjustability for added comfort, enhancing personalized fit.

Additionally, SnoreRx Plus includes a built-in calibrator and Posi Lock feature, providing a reference point for selecting the optimal fit and ensuring the device is secured. These features contribute to the overall ease of use and effectiveness of the SnoreRx Plus, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a customizable and comfortable anti-snoring solution.

Putting SnoreRx Plus to the Test

without-snorerx-plus-snorelab with-snorerx-plus-snorelab

Test Details:

  • The patient (who snores) received the mouthpiece, fit it, and began wearing it without adjustment.

  • The patient noticed a 70%+ reduction in snoring for three consecutive nights, as recorded by SnoreLab.

  • Improvement comments: For a more significant reduction in snoring, the mouthpiece could be adjusted further forward (note: this could take days to weeks due to jaw adjustment)

Users have reported positive experiences with SnoreRx Plus, including reduced snoring and increased comfort during sleep.

SnoreRx Plus has been proven to reduce snoring in cases where sleep apnea is absent. For optimal results, users with nasal-related snoring may find using nasal strips along with the SnoreRx Plus beneficial.

Monitoring your snoring through a suitable application like SnoreLab can help you evaluate the effectiveness of the SnoreRx Plus while sleeping. This allows you to track your progress and determine whether the SnoreRx Plus successfully reduces your snoring over time and when the snoring stops.

User Experience with SnoreRx Plus

Sleep recording tests conducted with SnoreLab have verified that SnoreRx Plus is an effective snore-reducing device, making it a beneficial investment for those seeking a resolution to their snoring issues. In addition to these tests, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with users reporting significant decreases in snoring and improved sleep quality for themselves and their partners.

While the SnoreRx Plus may feel slightly bulky initially, users have generally reported that the SnoreRx mouthpiece is comfortable to wear during sleep, with no interruptions to their comfort or rest. In this SnoreRx mouthpiece review, we discuss how the device’s customizable fit and added comfort features contribute to its overall success in providing users with a more restful and snore-free night’s sleep, making the SnoreRx mouthpiece work effectively.

Is SnoreRx Plus Worth It?


Considering its proven effectiveness in reducing snoring, customizable fit, and added comfort features, SnoreRx Plus is a top choice for those seeking an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Available for purchase online at approximately $100, SnoreRx Plus includes a 30-night sleep trial and a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of receipt, providing users with peace of mind when deciding.

SnoreRx Plus stands out as a reliable option for those considering anti-snoring mouthpieces.

While other anti-snoring devices are on the market, the SnoreRx Plus advances the previous model by having vertical movement. It offers a unique combination of user-friendly features and proven results.

SnoreRx Plus is a worthwhile investment as an anti-snoring device to improve sleep quality and overall well-being for those struggling with snoring and seeking a solution.


In conclusion, SnoreRx Plus is an effective and customizable solution to reduce snoring and improve sleep quality. Its sleek design, micro-adjustability, and added comfort features set it apart from other anti-snoring devices on the market.

With overwhelmingly positive user experiences and sleep recording test results, SnoreRx Plus is a top choice for those seeking a better night’s sleep.

Don’t let snoring stand in the way of a restful and rejuvenating slumber any longer - give SnoreRx Plus a try and experience the difference it can make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SnoreRx and SnoreRx Plus?

SnoreRx and SnoreRx Plus are similar in design and performance, but the Plus version provides more adjustability options to allow for more effortless jaw movement when wearing the mouthpiece.

The SnoreRx Plus allows for vertical movement due to how the top impression surface is attached to the mouthpiece. This makes SnoreRx Plus more comfortable, especially for grinding teeth.

Is SnoreRx Plus good for sleep apnea?

SnoreRx Plus is not recommended as a treatment for sleep apnea.

What are the side effects of SnoreRx?

SnoreRx may cause sore gums or teeth, pain in the TMJ, and excessive salivation for some users.

Is SnoreRx a good product?

SnoreRx has been an excellent solution for many, featuring an easy-to-use design and adjustable settings for comfort. It is a good product for addressing snoring issues.

Can SnoreRx Plus be used by individuals with dental work, such as crowns or bridges?

SnoreRx Plus may not be suitable for those with poorly fitting crowns, bridges, or dentures, so it is recommended to consult with a dental professional before using the device.

Overall Rating: 4.7


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