SomnoDent® Avant™ - The Most Comfortable Sleep Apnea Appliance

Last updated: August 16th, 2023

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SomnoDent® Avant™

SomnoDent® Avant™ is an advanced sleep apnea appliance designed to provide optimal comfort and efficacy for individuals suffering from snoring and mild-to-moderate sleep apnea.

The appliance stands out as our most comfortable solution, offering a custom-fit design and innovative features to enhance the sleep experience.

This device can last much longer than its predecessor, the SomnoDent Classic, because it does not have fins on it which could break off.

Customized Comfort

The upper and lower splints of SomnoDent® Avant™ are meticulously designed using computer technology and manufactured by robots. This cutting-edge process ensures a precise fit to the shape of your teeth, providing superior comfort during use. Additionally, the splints are made from a single piece of dental acrylic, making them exceptionally durable and extending their lifespan.

Bflex Liner for Enhanced Comfort

To further elevate the comfort level, the appliance features a soft Bflex liner. This liner cradles and supports your teeth, offering a cushioning effect that significantly enhances the comfort of wearing the appliance. With the Bflex liner, you'll find the SomnoDent® Avant™ more pleasant to use, leading to improved compliance and better treatment outcomes for sleep apnea.

Gentle Mouth Closure for Snore Elimination

The innovative design of the SomnoDent® Avant™ gently closes your mouth while you sleep, promoting nasal breathing. This gentle mouth closure effectively eliminates snoring in most users, providing much-needed relief for snorers and their sleeping partners. Additionally, nasal breathing helps prevent dry mouth, a common concern with other oral appliances and CPAP therapy.

Experience the Difference with SomnoDent® Avant™

If you're seeking a comfortable, durable, and effective solution for sleep apnea, the SomnoDent® Avant™ is the perfect choice. Its custom-fit design, Bflex liner, and gentle mouth closure make it a superior option to ensure restful sleep and improved sleep apnea management.


1. How does SomnoDent® Avant™ compare to other sleep apnea appliances?

SomnoDent® Avant™ stands out for its exceptional comfort and durability. The computer-designed splints, manufactured by robots, ensure a precise fit, while the soft Bflex liner adds a cushioning effect for enhanced comfort. The gentle mouth closure promotes nasal breathing, effectively eliminating snoring.

2. Can I wear SomnoDent® Avant™ throughout the night?

Yes, you can wear SomnoDent® Avant™ comfortably throughout the night. Its custom-fit design and Bflex liner provide excellent support, ensuring the appliance stays securely in place while you sleep.

3. Is SomnoDent® Avant™ suitable for mild-to-moderate sleep apnea?

Absolutely! SomnoDent® Avant™ is designed to treat mild-to-moderate sleep apnea effectively. Its innovative features help promote nasal breathing and eliminate snoring, providing significant relief for sleep apnea sufferers.

4. How long does SomnoDent® Avant™ last?

SomnoDent® Avant™ boasts exceptional durability due to its computer-designed, robot-manufactured splints. The use of high-quality dental acrylic and the Bflex liner further extends its lifespan, making it a long-lasting sleep apnea appliance.

5. Can I get a SomnoDent® Avant™ appliance customized to my teeth?

Yes, absolutely! SomnoDent® Avant™ is custom-designed to fit the unique shape of your teeth, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Each appliance is tailored to meet your individual needs for optimal sleep apnea treatment.


Experience unmatched comfort and effectiveness with SomnoDent® Avant™ - the most comfortable sleep apnea appliance designed to eliminate snoring and promote restful sleep. Its custom-fit design, durable construction, and innovative features make it an exceptional choice for managing sleep apnea. Say goodbye to snoring and dry mouth with SomnoDent® Avant™.


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Overall Rating: 4.7


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