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Last updated: August 6th, 2023


SnorBan has been the trusted and patented anti-snoring solution since 1994. Recommended by dentists and doctors, the SnorBan mouthpiece promises night after night of restful, snore-free sleep. It's easy to fit, comfortable to wear, and is now available in over 23 countries with countless satisfied customers.

The Snoring Issue

Snoring arises from a reduced airway in the throat. A smaller airway increases air velocity during breathing, leading the tissues to vibrate, producing the sound known as snoring.

The SnorBan Solution

This revolutionary mouthpiece functions by expanding the airways in the throat while sleeping, eliminating the obstructions that result in snoring. This ensures better body oxygenation, leaving users feeling more energized throughout the day.

Endorsed by Professionals

Multiple independent medical studies have verified the efficacy of SnorBan and the significance of uninterrupted sleep. The universal snore mouthpiece is effective for adults of all ages.

"Since starting with the SnorBan, my snoring has completely ceased. It's comfy, and I'd suggest it to anyone. It truly works!"

American Craftsmanship

Entirely sourced and made in the USA by American professionals. All materials used are non-toxic, and free from latex and BPA.

Product Features

  • The pioneering snore relief solution since 1994
  • Patented design
  • Customizable fit ensures comfort
  • Immediate results for you and your partner
  • Rejuvenate with deep sleep and wake up energized
  • Endorsed by dentists and doctors
  • Trusted in 23 countries globally
  • Over a hundred thousand satisfied SnorBan users worldwide
  • 30-Day unconditional money-back assurance
  • Proudly American-made

Why Choose SnorBan?

If you're on the hunt for a reliable anti-snoring solution, SnorBan is your answer. The tailor-made SnorBan mouthpiece gently pushes your lower jaw forward, clearing the throat's airway. This ensures smooth air flow, eradicating vibrations and the noise of snoring. This non-invasive solution is effective immediately.

SnorBan is not only easy to prepare within minutes but also begins working from the very first night. For those whose well-being has suffered due to snoring, SnorBan can genuinely enhance their overall health, vitality, and life quality.

Understanding Snoring

Snoring is the result of a restricted airway in the throat. The narrowed airway intensifies air speed during breathing, causing tissue vibrations, leading to snoring.

How Does SnorBan Function?

SnorBan is a clinically validated oral mandibular advancement apparatus, hailed as one of the top solutions to snoring (refer to medical reports). SnorBan is a customizable anti-snoring mouthpiece for a snug, precise fit.

The patented design holds your lower jaw a tad forward, widening the throat's airway. This ensures unobstructed air movement, eliminating snoring vibrations and noise. Observe how using SnorBan opens the throat's airway, augmenting airflow. Regular use can boost body oxygen levels and reduce daytime fatigue.

Selecting A Mouthpiece

Find out if a mouthpiece is right for you with insights from our best snoring mouthpiece review page.

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