Unveiling the Future of Sleep: The Revolutionary Silent Treatment Devices

Last updated: September 25th, 2023

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silent treatment

In our relentless pursuit to improve sleep quality, we've undertaken extensive research to unravel the mysteries behind snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Snoring, a pervasive sleeping disorder, arises when the tongue, relaxed in sleep, reverts to its natural form, thus obstructing the airway. At its extreme, this obstruction leads to OSA, a potentially life-threatening condition where one momentarily stops breathing during sleep.

Introducing the "Silent Treatment"

A groundbreaking series of devices aimed at combating these night-time nuisances. The ST-1 was our initial offering. Its ingenious design involved tiny spurs that interlocked with the papillae on our tongues, somewhat akin to Velcro. This allowed the device to hold the tongue forward, preventing it from obstructing the airway. Over time, with consistent use, one's tongue adapts this forward posture even during sleep - a phenomenon known as "Muscle Memory." This meant users could eventually enjoy peaceful nights even without the device, needing it only occasionally to reinforce the training.

However, while the ST-1 had its strengths, feedback showed some users found the fitting process challenging. Especially those with unconventional oral structures, such as a severe overbite.

The Evolution to ST-2

The ST-2, the pinnacle of our innovative range, carries forward the legacy of the ST-1 with enhanced features. There's no hassle of "boiling" or "biting" with the ST-2. Fresh out of the box, it's ready to transform your sleep. Its patented design safely and comfortably holds the tongue, ensuring unobstructed breathing. A unique curved front ensures the device stays in place, resting against the upper front teeth or lip.

Considering the diverse needs of our users, the ST-2 incorporates built-in breathing channels catering to mouth breathers. If these aren't necessary, they can be effortlessly removed. But, acknowledging the unpredictability of health, each pack includes a spare ST-2 – one with and one without the breathing channels. At just US$48 for two devices, we're offering unbeatable value, so secure yours before stocks deplete!

Our Commitment to Delivery

Our commitment extends beyond product quality. We've tackled the shipping delays exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. Customers in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can now expect expedited delivery times, receiving their orders in just a few days. We're working tirelessly to ensure the rest of the world benefits from these swift delivery times too. Stay tuned!

Choosing the Right Device for You

Lastly, a vital decision remains: ST-1 or ST-2? We're confident that the ST-2 will cater to most users' needs. However, should you find it lacking, reach out to us. Depending on your unique requirements, the ST-1, with its specialized jaw positioning feature, might be more suitable. Notably, those who grind their teeth during sleep might find the ST-1 more beneficial.

So, envision your future. Do you see nights fraught with restless sleep, choked breathing, strained relationships, and deteriorating health? Or do you picture peaceful slumbers, rejuvenated mornings, and revitalized well-being? If the latter appeals more, it's time to give the Silent Treatment a shot. Order now and pave the way for a snore-free future.


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