ROOHO Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece 2-Pack Review: A Comprehensive Look

Last updated: September 21st, 2023

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Product Details

  • Material: Soft medical grade silicone ensures safety and comfort.
  • Quantity: Comes in a pack of two. You can conveniently replace at any time for improved sleep.
  • Usability: Designed for direct use. Simply put it into your mouth before bedtime. Plus, it's reusable!
  • Portability: Lightweight design with a dedicated storage case ensures cleanliness and durability. An excellent companion for travel.
  • Cleaning: Effortlessly cleanable with hot water.

Product Description

The Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is a safe, convenient, and reusable solution designed to enhance your sleep quality. Crafted from comfortable medical silicone materials, its lightweight design ensures you can carry it wherever you go. Each pack contains two anti-snoring devices and a protective case.

Important: Regular cleaning after use with mild soapy water and air drying is recommended. Note: Size may vary within 1-3MM due to manual measurement.

Legal Disclaimer: Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

User Reviews

Positive Reviews

"This product helped both myself and my boyfriend snore much less. They're flexible and super comfortable to sleep in." - Cliente Kindle

"I love the reusability and ease of use. Feels like it's not even there. Definitely a favorite." - neel varma

Negative Reviews

"It's basically a mouthguard with a hole. It doesn't properly offset the lower jaw to aid in stopping snoring. Moreover, there's no return option. Total waste of money." - NKP Garage


Is the Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece adjustable?

Though designed to be flexible, it doesn't provide adjustability features like certain mouth guards. The device's primary function is to maximize comfort.

Can I return the product if unsatisfied?

As per user reviews, it seems there's no return option. It's advised to check with the seller for their specific return policy.

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Overall Rating: 3.1


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