Psinzmk Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard Review

Last updated: September 25th, 2023

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Product Overview

Brand: Psinzmk

Price: $22.99

Amazon Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (1,962 ratings)

Color: Blur2

Age Range: Adult

Special Offer: Get $50 off instantly with Amazon Visa approval.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective snoring solution for improved sleep quality.
  • Comfortable and easy to fit, ensuring both you and your partner rest well.
  • Made of medical-grade silicone, free from odors.
  • Comes with a protective case for hygiene and easy storage.

How Does It Work?

Snoring typically originates from vibrations in the mouth, throat, or nasal airways due to relaxed muscles. Psinzmk's mouthpiece addresses this by positioning the lower jaw forward. This opens up the airway, ensuring air flows freely, reducing the snoring sound. The mouthpiece is designed for nighttime use, offering comfort and discretion.

Customer Reviews

Although the product boasts a high rating, there have been mixed reviews from users:

  • Kindle Customer: Mentioned the mouthpiece was too large and uncomfortable.
  • Squwackie: Encountered issues with the product melting when following the boiling water instructions.
  • James Wrye: Found the molding process to be challenging and suggested boiling for less time.


What causes snoring?
Snoring is often caused by a partial blockage in the throat due to relaxed muscles.
How does Psinzmk's mouthpiece address snoring?
By moving the lower jaw forward, the mouthpiece opens the airway, allowing air to flow freely and reduce snoring.

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Overall Rating: 3.3


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