Panthera D-SAD™ Review - Customized Digital Sleep Apnea Device

Last updated: August 18th, 2023

Panthera D-SAD

The Panthera D-SAD™ (Digital Sleep Apnea Device) is a revolutionary, custom-made solution designed to address sleep apnea and snoring for individual patients. By utilizing cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology, each device is precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of the wearer, ensuring maximum comfort and treatment efficiency.

How It's Made

The creation of the Panthera D-SAD™ begins with a 3D scan of the patient's stone model or intra-oral scanning. This data serves as the foundation for the device's design. The state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology then transforms the scan into a perfectly adapted, customized device. This meticulous procedure guarantees a precise fit, making the Panthera D-SAD™ highly effective in addressing sleep apnea and snoring.

Titration Mechanism for Customized Advancement

One of the unique features of the Panthera D-SAD™ is its titration mechanism. The device incorporates rods made of a biocompatible polymer, ensuring patient safety and comfort. The length of these rods can be adjusted in increments from 16 to 36 mm, providing a highly accurate and customizable advancement. Designed to resist bruxism, the rods maintain their integrity over time and stay securely connected to the device during sleep. Additionally, specialized rods are available for patients with heavy bruxism, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Wide Range of Customization

Understanding that every patient is different, Panthera offers a wide selection of plates for tailored contact surfaces. From standard plates to customized anterior pads, the D-SAD™ can be adapted to suit various patient needs and conditions. The device's versatility makes it suitable for individuals of all types, providing a comfortable and effective solution for addressing sleep apnea and snoring.

Moreover, the Panthera D-SAD™ offers an extensive choice of bands, each carefully designed to optimize comfort and device retention. The carefully crafted band designs prioritize the dental experience without compromising the treatment of snoring or obstructive sleep apnea.

Ordering Additional Strap Kits

If you are interested in learning more about ordering additional Panthera D-SAD™ strap kits, please reach out to us at Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional support and information to meet your needs.

Titration Mechanism for Customized Advancement

The Panthera D-SAD™ stands out with its unique titration mechanism. Crafted from biocompatible polymer, the adjustable rods allow highly accurate and customized advancement. Ranging from 16 to 36 mm, the rods are resistant to bruxism and maintain their integrity over time, ensuring uninterrupted sleep. This innovative mechanism prevents disengagement during sleep, and specialized rods cater to patients with heavy bruxism.

Wide Range of Customization

To meet diverse patient needs, the Panthera D-SAD™ offers a wide array of contact surface plates, from standard to customized anterior pads. This versatility ensures a snug and comfortable fit, making it suitable for all individuals. The device also boasts a selection of bands thoughtfully designed to optimize comfort and retention without compromising the treatment of snoring or obstructive sleep apnea.

Patient Instructions for Proper Usage

Prior to using the Panthera D-SAD™, patients must be familiar with proper insertion and removal techniques. The device must be handled with both thumbs to avoid excess torque, ensuring effective usage. During the initial acclimation period, soaking the device in warm water before bedtime enhances pliability during insertion.

Adjustment and Rod Replacement

The D-SAD™ device requires appropriate adjustment to ensure comfort and treatment efficiency. Level 1 adjustments involve gentle outward pressure to areas of tightness or binding. Level 2 adjustments utilize flameless torch heating to address discomfort. Level 3 adjustments in the molar or canine areas guide precise material removal using low-speed and a coarse acrylic bur. Rod replacement is gradual, following the patient's tolerance, to reach the desired advancement and treat snoring or OSA effectively.

DIY Alternatives

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