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Last updated: August 6th, 2023

The Morning Repositioner

The Morning Repositioner is an innovative bite-restoring appliance crafted to bring the patient's mandible back to its centric position following overnight or ongoing open airway treatment with a bite corrective device or bruxing splint.

Unique Design and Benefits

The Morning Repositioner stands out with its strategically placed raised blocks of compressible material located above bicuspids. This design ensures that all clenching forces are directed straight down toward the root, preventing lateral or forward pressure on the anterior teeth. When in contact with the upper dentition, the appliance only touches the raised blocks.

  • Minimized Forward Mandibular Posturing: The patient benefits from isometric exercise of the musculature, activating the masseter muscles and relaxing the lateral pterygoid muscles.
  • Greater Durability: The Morning Repositioner features an over-layer of specially developed laminated material, enhancing its longevity and durability, particularly for night splints.

Patient Instructions

Each case of the Morning Repositioner comes with comprehensive patient instructions. Patients are advised to place the appliance on their lower arch and wear it for approximately 10 minutes while carrying out their morning routine. During this time, patients should do a series of clenches on the raised blocks and engage in clenching or chewing up and down as often as possible.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the purpose of the Morning Repositioner?
    The Morning Repositioner helps return the patient's mandible to centric position after open airway treatment with bite corrective devices or bruxing splints.
  2. How does the unique design benefit the patient?
    The raised blocks ensure clenching forces are directed downward, promoting isometric exercise and reducing strain on certain jaw muscles.
  3. Is the Morning Repositioner durable for night use?
    Absolutely! The appliance is fabricated with specialized laminated material, ensuring excellent durability, especially for night splints.
  4. How should patients use the Morning Repositioner?
    Patients should wear the appliance for about 10 minutes in the morning while performing their usual routine. They are advised to do clenches on the raised blocks and engage in up-and-down jaw movements.

Improve your bite and promote proper mandibular alignment with the Morning Repositioner - Custom Lab Fabricated. Its unique features and patient-friendly design make it an excellent choice for post-treatment oral care. Follow the provided instructions for best results.


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