Dorsal Elite Anti-Snoring Device Review

Last updated: August 6th, 2023

Dorsal Elite

The Dorsal Elite stands out in the crowded field of anti-snoring devices. Designed with the user's comfort and effectiveness in mind, this device is meticulously crafted to address the root causes of snoring by optimizing the position of the mandible.

Key Features

  • Precision-Milled Occlusal Splints: The Dorsal Elite uses precision-milled upper and lower occlusal splints to maintain the mandible in the ideal forward position while keeping an open vertical relationship.
  • Mistake-Free Activation: The device is designed for user-friendly adjustments. With clearly marked laser arrows and the upward direction of the protrusion of the screws on both sides, users can easily calibrate the device. Four simple adjustments equate to 1mm of calibration.
  • Superior Screw Design: The upper screws (both right and left) showcase a unique anterior metallic body, inclined perfectly at 70-degrees. This screw mechanism incorporates built-in stops, ensuring stability and ideal friction during the mandible's forward movement.
  • Comfort and Compatibility: The lower wings of the device, both right and left, are anatomically shaped to offer superior comfort. They align perfectly with the upper screw bodies. The device's clear material is compatible with all orthodontic acrylics. The inner metallic frame, on the other hand, can be adjusted anatomically, providing added strength to the lower appliance.

Construction Bite Guidelines

It's crucial to note that when taking the construction bite, the mandible should be 65%-75% advanced with a 4mm interincisal opening. This positioning ensures the most effective and comfortable fit for the user.


What sets the Dorsal Elite apart from other anti-snoring devices?
The Dorsal Elite is uniquely designed with precision-milled occlusal splints and offers user-friendly adjustments for optimal comfort and effectiveness.
How do I adjust the Dorsal Elite?
Thanks to its clearly marked laser arrows and the upward direction of the screw's protrusion on both sides, calibrating the Dorsal Elite is straightforward and error-free. Four adjustments will give you 1mm of calibration.
Is the Dorsal Elite comfortable?
Absolutely! The device is anatomically shaped to match the user's mouth structure, ensuring superior comfort.

DIY Alternatives

If you want to find a mouthpiece to test at home before trying a custom snoring mouthpiece, check out our best snoring mouthpiece review page.

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