UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance for Sleep Apnea Relief

Last updated: August 16th, 2023

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UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance

An Innovative Solution for Sleep Apnea

The UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance is a breakthrough solution designed to address sleep apnea and snoring. Consisting of two occlusal splints connected by a bilateral Herbst tube assembly, this unique design allows the mandible to be postured forward. By positioning the mandible forward, the appliance helps open up the airway and improve breathing during sleep, promoting restful nights and better overall health.

Comfortable Design for Optimal Sleep

Unlike traditional appliances, the UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance offers unparalleled comfort. The placement of Herbst tubes buccally to the teeth ensures no interference with the patient's tongue position, making it extremely comfortable to wear during sleep. The appliance allows free movement of the mandible in both vertical and lateral directions while preventing it from dropping back during sleep, ensuring effective results.

Adjustable for Personalized Fit

Users of the UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance benefit from a personalized fit. A construction bite is taken with the mandible positioned 75% of the way from maximum intercuspation to maximum protrusive, with a 4mm vertical opening in the anteriors. Additionally, the appliance can be titrated forward from its initial position by adding shims in 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm increments, ensuring maximum effectiveness and comfort.

Maximum Retention for Effective Treatment

The UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance provides maximum retention for sleep apnea relief. Its occlusal surfaces are carefully milled into full contact, ensuring a secure and precise fit. Vertical elastics in the cuspid region create a proprioceptive response that encourages a lip-together posture, further enhancing the effectiveness of the appliance in treating sleep apnea.


1. How does the UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance work for sleep apnea relief?

The appliance positively postures the mandible forward, which helps open up the airway, reducing sleep apnea episodes and snoring for improved sleep quality.

2. Is the UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance comfortable to wear during sleep?

Absolutely! The unique design ensures maximum comfort, allowing free mandibular movement without interference with the tongue position.

3. Can the appliance be adjusted for a personalized fit?

Yes, the appliance can be titrated forward by adding shims in 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm increments, ensuring a customized fit for each user's needs.

4. How does the appliance achieve maximum retention?

The UCLA Modified Herbst Appliance uses multiple ball clasps on both the upper and lower portions, providing secure retention for effective treatment.

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