How to Stop Snoring with a Mouthpiece

Last updated: September 11th, 2023

Introduction to Stop Snoring Mouthpieces

Snoring has long been known to be a major issue that can significantly disrupt the sleep of you and your partner. Snoring is caused when the soft tissues in the throat vibrate. Even though snoring cannot always be avoided, it can be managed using a stop snoring mouthpiece.

What Is a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece?

A stop snoring mouthpiece is a type of device that is worn inside the mouth while you sleep. Generally made of a soft, pliable material, such as rubber or plastic, the device is designed to keep the lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. This position prevents the soft tissues of the throat from collapsing and vibrating, which is what causes the snoring.

How Does a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Work?

When the lower jaw is slightly forward, it helps to keep the breathing passage open. As a result, the airflow is improved, which helps to reduce the severity of snoring. By keeping the muscles of the throat more relaxed, the mouthpiece also helps to prevent the vibrating tissue from obstructing the airway, thereby reducing snoring.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece?

The primary benefit of using a stop snoring mouthpiece is improved sleep. Not only does it enable you to get a better night's sleep, but it also helps your partner get restful sleep too. Additionally, using the device can help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can lead to improved concentration and performance during the day.

Types of Stop Snoring Mouthpieces

Stop snoring mouthpieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some of the most popular types are the mandibular advancement device (MAD) and the tongue-stabilizing device (TSD). The MAD works by simply moving the lower jaw forward and keeping it in place, while the TSD works by gently holding the tongue in place.

How to Choose a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

When selecting a stop snoring mouthpiece, it’s important to consider the level of comfort it offers. Mouthpieces that are made from softer materials, such as rubber or plastic, are typically more comfortable and less obtrusive than harder materials. It’s also important to consider the size and shape of the device – some may be more suitable for certain mouth shapes and sizes than others.

Tips for Using a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Once you have selected the right stop snoring mouthpiece, it’s important to ensure you use it properly. Wash it regularly using warm, soapy water, and avoid sleeping with it in if it’s loose or uncomfortable. It’s also important to ensure the mouthpiece is properly adjusted to fit comfortably before going to bed.


Stop snoring mouthpieces are a great way to combat snoring and get a better night’s sleep. With the right device and proper use, you can enjoy more restful nights and fewer disruptions from snoring.

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