5 Reasons to Choose a Professionally Fitted SomnoDent Mouthpiece for Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Last updated: September 19th, 2023

Why Choose a Professionally Fitted Mouthpiece Such as the SomnoDent?

Oral appliances or dental appliances have been used to treat snoring and sleep apnea since the 1980’s, once studies showed their effectiveness. They are more discrete, require no electricity, and can easily slide into a pocket for transporting. Two different types are available – prescription and online ordered – and some people find it difficult to differentiate between them.

But why choose a professionally fitted mouthpiece, such as the SomnoDent? Here are five reasons:

  • Prescribed Devices Fit Better and Are More Comfortable: Due to the unique structure of everyone's mouth, custom fitting an oral appliance is critical to both effectiveness and comfort. The SomnoDent is very thin, yet durable, and is more likely to be tolerated than one that hasn't been fitted properly.
  • Professionally Fitted Oral Appliances Are Adjustable: The SomnoDent is designed to be adjustable in order to float the lower jaw in a comfortable forward position, ensuring an open airway for optimal sleep. This adjustment helps reduce the severity of snoring and minimizes pauses in breathing.
  • They are Dependable: Prescribed oral appliances are strong and built to last, allowing for many nights of use, while non-prescription products may break and need replacement.
  • Side Effects are Minimal: Side effects of prescription devices are rare and they usually pass after a few nights. Non-prescription appliances may cause jaw problems, tenderness, and headaches.
  • They May Be Covered By Insurance: It is often the case that prescription oral appliances are covered by insurance, while internet-ordered products are not.

Prescribed oral appliances provide a great alternative to CPAP therapy. Talking to your doctor or dentist about the SomnoDent can help you determine if it is the correct treatment option for you.

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