Can Wearing a Snoring Mouthpiece Align Teeth? - Professional Dentists Weigh In

Last updated: September 17th, 2023

Answering the Question: Can Wearing a Snoring Mouthpiece Align Teeth?

When it comes to snoring, one of the most popular solutions is the use of a custom-made oral device, such as a snoring mouthpiece. However, there’s a valid concern of whether using such a device can cause teeth to shift, become loose, or misalign the jaw. It’s possible that this can occur, but it is not likely as long as the user follows all of the directions for proper use.

Searching online for answers provided a great deal of information. One dentist, Dr. Richard Charmoy of Somerville NJ, continued to make SomnoMed oral devices for over 500 patients and not one of them experienced any teeth shifting or alignment problems. He also suggested chewing sugar-free gum or using bite tabs to adjust one’s bite, should any shift occur.

Similar opinions from other professional dentists were also given. Dr. David L. Nutter, of Vancouver, WA, discussed that wearing a mouthpiece nightly for long periods of time can lead to changes in the bite, which should have been described by the dentist who made the device. An online wiki page on Apneaboards suggested that when not properly fitted, snoring mouthpieces can lead to dental problems.

Several Facebook reviews showed people stating that they were unable to speak or chew properly after using certain products, or their teeth shifted due to prolonged use. It must be noted that these reviews were not from medical professionals and it is unknown whether the person who wrote them had a motive, such as to push people away from one product and have them buy another.

In summary, dental or jaw alignment is certainly possible while a snoring mouthpiece is in use. However, it is not very common and may be avoided if the user follows the directions carefully. Adjusting one’s bite with sugarless gum or bite tabs, as well as regularly consulting with a dentist, can further reduce the risks of possible teeth issues while using a snoring mouthpiece.

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