Secure and Comfortable Sleep with a Snoring Mouthpiece and Chinstrap

Last updated: September 11th, 2023
Alternatively, you can combine a snoring mouthpiece with a good fitting chinstrap to help hold it in. To do this, insert the mouthpiece and then pull the chinstrap over the face and connect it at the back of the head. This should help keep the mouthpiece in place throughout the night.Wrapping UpThe use of chinstraps to hold a snoring mouthpiece can be beneficial, however, it’s important to note that this is not a substitute for a properly fitting device. It’s important to ensure that the mouthpiece you choose fits snugly in the mouth and gets a good seal. This is especially important if you’re seeking relief from your snoring – a poorly fitting mouthguard obviously won’t do anything for your snoring problem and can even cause other problems, like chronic jaw discomfort. If you have any problems fitting the mouth guard at home, don’t be afraid to consult with a dental profession who can help with the selection and fitting process.

Using a Chinstrap to Secure a Snoring Mouthpiece

Snoring mouthpieces have been a popular anti-snoring solution for several decades. As technology continues to advance, manufacturers of mouthpieces have been introducing new and innovative ways to keep them securely in the mouth as you sleep. One way to ensure that a mouthpiece stays securely held is to use a chinstrap in conjunction with it.

The idea behind using a chinstrap is to hold both the jaw and mouthpiece in place. Snoring often occurs when the jaw drops during sleep. This drops the tongue into the back of the throat, which blocks airflow and creates vibrations that we know of as snoring. By securing the jaw with a chinstrap, it prevents the jaw from falling back and, in turn, helps to keep the snoring mouthpiece and tongue forward.

When choosing a snoring mouthpiece and accompanying chinstrap, it's important to select one that provides a snug fit and adequate airflow. Most of the mouthpieces available today have at least one breathing hole to help ensure sufficient breathability, however not all of them are created equal. It's a good idea to try the mouthpiece on for size before purchasing it. It should provide a comfortable fit that allows your teeth to sit securely inside the guard. If it's too wide or too tight, it could cause discomfort that would prevent you from using it.

It's also important to consider the material of the mouthpiece, whether it has received FDA approval or not, and the warranty that comes with it. For a chinstrap, the most important factor is comfort and that it fits properly. Most chinstraps today are made of a neoprene material which ensures a decent snug fit that should do the job.

Once you have your snoring mouthpiece and chinstrap, it's time to put them together. Begin by putting the mouthpiece in your mouth and positioning it so that the teeth fit in the slots securely. Then, take the chinstrap and secure it around your head, with the band running from your chin to the back of your neck. Once in place, you should notice an increase in comfort and a better fit while sleeping. The exact fit will depend on your individual head and jaw shape, and it's a good idea to experiment with different tightness settings and positions until you find one that feels good for you.

Combining a snoring mouthpiece with a chinstrap is a great way to keep the device from falling out during the night, or just when taking a nap. This will help to maximize the effectiveness of the mouthpiece, and is easy to do with most modern snoring devices. If you're considering snoring mouthpieces as an option to control your snoring, this is definitely worth trying.


Using a chinstrap in conjunction with a snoring mouthpiece can help to ensure that it fits securely throughout the night. This helps to maximize the effectiveness of the mouthpiece and can also make it more comfortable to sleep with. When choosing a snoring mouthpiece and chinstrap combo, be sure to select ones that are comfortable, provide adequate air flow, and that are made from a material that you know is safe and reliable.

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