Is it possible to choke on a snoring mouthpiece?

Last updated: August 25th, 2023

Snoring may seem like a mere annoyance, but for many, it can be a serious impediment to a good night's sleep. Consequently, snoring mouthpieces have become popular tools to combat this nightly disturbance. But as with any product that is used in the mouth, safety considerations are paramount.

Understanding the Concern: The Fear of Choking

The fundamental question many ask before investing in a snoring mouthpiece is: "Can you choke on it?" It's a valid concern. After all, it's an external device we introduce into our mouths with the hope of reducing or eliminating snoring.

To address the apprehension: there has been little evidence or anecdotal reports of individuals choking on professionally made and recommended mouthpieces. However, as the adage goes, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Safety First: Precautionary Measures

Even with the relative safety of these devices, there are important precautions and steps that users must be aware of:

1. Regulatory Approval

2. Verification is Key

  • Always confirm the device's clearance with the regulatory body. A few moments spent checking can provide invaluable peace of mind.

3. Adherence to Instructions

  • Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Altering the design or misusing the product can introduce risks.

4. Simplicity Over Complexity

  • Opt for mouthguards with a single-piece design. Multiple pieces could heighten the risk of a part breaking off.

5. Check Your Dental Health

  • If you have missing teeth, most manufacturers advise against using their devices.

6. Reputation Matters

  • Choose companies with a long-standing reputation in the market. This typically signifies a history of safety and customer satisfaction.

7. Consumer Feedback

8. Age Considerations

  • Over-the-counter mouthpieces should never be used by children.

Weighing the Risks: The Reality of Choking Hazards

Absolute safety is a myth. Everything comes with its risks, from the food we eat to the toys our children play with. The key is in minimizing these risks through informed choices and cautious usage.

Regarding snoring mouthpieces, agency-approved devices, when used as directed, shouldn't be a cause for concern. Their designs are optimized for safety and efficacy.

Making The Right Choice: Which Mouthpiece is Best?

Given the plethora of anti-snoring mouthpieces available, making an informed decision can be daunting. As someone who's personally tried numerous devices, I can attest to the variety in design and efficacy.

However, instead of being overwhelmed, leverage available resources. Websites dedicated to reviewing these products, personal testimonials, and expert opinions can guide you in finding the right fit for your needs.


Snoring can disrupt both your sleep and that of your loved ones. Anti-snoring mouthpieces offer a viable solution to this problem. While concerns about their safety, especially around choking, are valid, by following the recommended safety guidelines and selecting agency-approved products, the risks can be significantly minimized.

Your health and safety are paramount. So, while it's beneficial to seek solutions for snoring, it's equally important to ensure those solutions do not introduce new risks. With a combination of informed choices and proper usage, you can rest easy and snore-free.

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