What Causes Snoring? Can Losing Weight Help Reduce Snoring? The Easier Permanent Solution for Snoring: Is a Snoring Mouthpiece a Permanent Solution?

Last updated: September 26th, 2023


What Causes Snoring?

Snoring originates in the airway and may be caused by a number of different factors which are often related. Sometimes, the structure of the airway simply does not permit adequate airflow while asleep. Other times, the airway muscles get old and worn out. Often airways become partly blocked due to surrounding fatty tissue pushing against it. In nearly all instances, the airway becomes narrow and the soft tissues that surround the airway begins to “flap” against each other. This flapping motion creates the sound which is known to most of us as snoring.

Can Losing Weight Help Reduce Snoring?

Excessive fatty tissue tends to store in the neck among other areas of our body. The fat tissues exert pressure on the airway, placing force on it. As we sleep, the muscles that control our jaw, tongue, and airways begin to relax and the excessive fat pushes against the airway, causing it to narrow. When this occurs, we start to hear the sound of snoring which is created by the flapping of airway tissue.

Losing weight can help reduce fat around the neck and lessen the amount of pressure on your airway. In some cases, losing as little as 10 lbs may reduce or completely eliminate your snoring. However, as people get older they may find it more difficult to lose weight.

The Easier Permanent Solution for Snoring

A snoring mouthpiece is a long-term snoring solution that works night after night, year after year. Unlike other solutions, you don’t have to commit to any major lifestyle changes. Before going to bed, you simply place the mouthpiece inside of your mouth and it does the rest.

How can such a small piece of plastic stop your snoring? It rests between the upper and lower teeth and holds the jaw forward. By doing so, it holds the muscles in the airway in a tightened position and prevents the sound that is created when air passes by these relaxed muscles. While it may work for some, it may not be effective for everyone.

Conclusion: Is a Snoring Mouthpiece a Permanent Solution?

A snoring mouthpiece can be a long-term solution that will provide years of snoring relief, as long as you use it as intended and take good care of it. It is also an easier solution than making lifestyle changes to lose weight. However, other solutions such as losing weight may reduce or completely eliminate snoring in some.

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