Easing My Snoring with Snoring Mouthguards: My Experience

Last updated: September 11th, 2023

Getting To Know Snoring Mouthguards

When I first heard about snoring mouthguards, I was naturally curious and apprehensive about them. I couldn't quite imagine what it would be like to sleep with such a large piece of plastic in my mouth, having only seen the size of the products available online. I decided to take on the challenge and order my first appliance and so my journey into snoring mouthguard began.

My first experience with a one-piece snore guard

The very first product I tried was a single-piece mouthguard that could be fitted with a simple boil-and-bite procedure. When it arrived, it appeared to be of the size I had been expecting from the online photos. Before I started the fitting process, I put the mouthguard into my mouth to get a feel for its size. It was big and bulky and left roughly a half inch gap between my upper and lower teeth. I was already starting to have doubts about how I was going to cope with having a gargantuan device in my oral cavity.

Nevertheless, I went ahead with the fitting process. I boiled a pot of water and allowed the mouthguard to be submerged in it for a few seconds. When it emerged from the water, it had softened up and was quite pliable. I waited a couple moments for it to cool and then placed it into my mouth and bit down firmly, while pushing my jaw outwards. As I kept my teeth pressed into the hot, molten plastic I could feel my teeth slowly sinking into it. I used my finger to move the plastic around the outer edges of my teeth and my tongue to get around the inner edges. Once I was done with the fitting process, the gaps between my upper and lower teeth had occurred significantly, from around half an inch to roughly the ¼th of an inch.

It was time to see if the snore guard actually worked. The first night felt rather strange and I ended up drooling a lot. Morning soreness was another post-sleeping effect I experienced. However, when my wife told me I didn't snore a bit during the night, I was pleased and encouraged to continue using the snore guard. After contacting the manufacturer, I learned that the drooling and soreness were expected side-effects that would subside after a few days and sure enough, they did.

The following four nights using my one-piece snore guard went by pretty successfully. After the second night, the drooling stopped and I felt absolutely no soreness in the morning after the fourth night.

Although it did take me a little while to get used to the one-piece, I was convinced that it worked and thus continued my research for a more comfortable option.

Exploring a More Compact Solution

The next product I tried out was the zQuiet. This snore guard featured something unique; a thin, hinged upper and lower tray at the back of the mouth near the molars. It was possible to use the zQuiet straight out of the box, as the product was designed to fit the Plummer-Vinson Syndrome in a much better and more comfortable way than the one-piece device.

To be certain the zQuiet fit me perfectly, I decided to perform a boil-and-bite fitting procedure anyways. After completing the same fitting process as I did for the first mouthguard, I found that my teeth had sunk into the plastic properly and it fit me almost perfectly. The best part was that it felt much more comfortable when I put it in my mouth.

Once I started wearing the zQuiet regularly, my experience was much better than with the one-piece snore guard. I felt refreshed in the morning and my snoring condition improved drastically. That's why I decided to share my experience for anyone thinking about using snoring mouthguards, as I know it can seem daunting and intimidating at first.


When I first set out to find an anti-snoring mouthguard, I had no idea what the results would be. After doing my research, speaking to customer service teams, and testing out different products, I was able to find a solution to treat my snoring. I'm now very happy with the zQuiet and grateful for the relief it has provided me.

If you are considering buying a snoring mouthguard, I highly recommend that you look into the product selection offered by different companies and select the one you think would suit you best. It may take more effort, but the results will be worth it. Overall, I feel better knowing that I'm no longer snoring through the night.

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